Awocoupon coupon code not found please try again

awocoupon coupon code not found please try again

copy of Virtuemart.1.4 stable into your joomla website. On or around line 255 is this?php else if( pshop_coupons_enable'1' session'coupon_redeemed 1" payment_discount_before '1 discount_afterfalse; total - _session'coupon_discount total - session'coupon_discount' * my_taxrate? For multiingual sites, requires, polylang plugin, for user groups, requires, groups plugin. To get the correct value, the coupon_discount needs to be recalculated bookholzberg gutscheine and not reflect the tax. This returns the order total by adding and subtracting the necessary fields.

After enabling, you can set limits on : - All coupons - Automatic Discount coupons - Gift Certificates - Regular coupons. This option enables expired coupons to be automatically deleted. Major features of AwoCoupon, setup automatic discounts, create shipping specific coupons. This would work for both importing and exporting (through reports). You are now realizing you are in over your head, where did you go wrong. Then you go to the coupon components and create a coupon to give the customers 15 off. So you go to the configuration screen and tick the correct box "Subtract payment discount before tax/shipping". You enter your coupon code to get your 15 off.